Skeptic’s Corner

The saying goes, “it is better to stay silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt”. I have decided to remove all doubt by starting a monthly column on a local expat magazine in Dongguan called Hubhao, mainly because I have very thick skin. (Update 2018: Hubhao has gone belly up, links may not work)

Although I have ended the column in early 2017, I have decided to occasionally write for another expat magazine called Here! Dongguan. Different magazine, same poor quality writing. The full version of the first article can be found here, for those who enjoy weird viewpoints and the occasional mansplanation.

There are tradeoffs writing in dead tree format. I cannot sneakily correct any mistakes, nor can I provide reference links to show how I cherry pick and misquote them. There’s also the pesky requirement for decency, of which I lack completely.

For those (being generous here using plural) interested, I have decided to provide the original articles here in uncensored form, with all the references and rightfully deleted content:

Skeptic’s Corner:

July 2015: In Search of Fake Eggs (page 1 page 2) (original) (blog)

August 2015: The Myth of Alkaline Water (page 1 page 2) (original) (blog)

September 2015: Yearning for a Hero (page 1 page 2)(original)(blog)

October 2015: Arthritis and the Weather (page 1 page 2)(original)

November 2015: Taboo Food Combinations, Part 1 (page 1 page 2)(original)

December 2015: Taboo Food Combinations, Part 2 (page 1 page 2)(original)(繁体中文

January 2016: Tu Youyou and the Nobel Prize (original)(pdf)

February 2016: Three Bite Sparrow (original)(pdf)

March 2016: Cold and the Common Cold (original)(pdf)

April 2016: AlphaGo and Artificial Intelligence (original)(pdf)

May 2016: The Pitfalls of Mercy Release (original)(pdf)

June 2016: Combating Misinformation (original)(pdf)

July 2016: Cell Phones and Cancer (original)(pdf)

August 2016: China’s IV Drip Addiction (original)(繁體中文)(pdf)

September 2016: Cupping and the Olympics (original)(pdf)

October 2016: What Is Face? (original)(pdf)

November 2016: Apathy or Self-Protection? (page 1 page 2)(original)

December 2016: Election and Reflection (page 1 page 2)(original)

January 2017: The Mystery Go Master (page 1 page 2)(original)

Case for and Against:

November 2015: E-bikes, Against (page 1 page 2)(original)

Secret Businessman:

January 2016: Theft Comes in Many Forms (original)(pdf)

Book Review:

June 2015: Factory Girls (original)