Complete waste of time.

– Monty Python

You couldn’t pay me enough to read this shit.  OMFG, I feel gross, I need to take a shower now.

– some random victim on the internet

He was never my student.  I was young.  I needed the money.

– high school English teacher

If you are looking for eloquently written, well thought out, refreshing, nuanced, elucidating arguments, go somewhere else.

– 6th grader

Two main qualities shine through abundantly, and the author has a uncanny talent for intertwining both while diminishing neither.  The two main qualities are, specifically, ignorance and confusion.   Judging from the so-called writing, one can reasonably conclude the author to be pathologically sadistic.

former friend

Finally, something more effective than waterboarding!

– Guantanamo Bay guard

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