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Warning – contains substandard content.  It’s not too late to turn back.

This blog is an eclectic collection of random observations and poorly thought out rants, from skeptical and cynical perspectives, with a healthy dose of Argumentum Ex Culo peppered throughout.  It is a self-help blog, with yours truly being the self being helped;  without this I would likely have to resort to trepanation just to let the frustration out of my head. It is certainly not politically correct, and probably not suitable for younger audiences, despite containing little to no profanity.  It will probably offend many that are deeply religious or ideologically invested regardless of age.  I strive to be an equal opportunity offender.  The convoluted sentence structures, atrocious grammar, poor spelling and other grave offenses committed against the English language have been known to induce strokes and self-afflicted wounds, so read at your own risk.  For your information, I wear a hard hat when I blog myself to protect against CTE from frequent facedesking.Facedesking  I might consider proofreading in the future since English is at best half a mother tongue, but that takes time.  It’s not that I don’t read about writing – “The Sense of Style” by Dr. Pinker was excellent, but my approach is probably wrong.  It is difficult to explain so I will use an analogy:  I approach style guides the same way I approach an exercise video like P90X – on the sofa, beer and nachos in hand, dozing off occasionally.  After writing an entry, I usually have to resort to a few stiff drinks to finish off those few remaining brain cells that have not died of exhaustion performing mental backflips from cognitive dissonance. Comments are welcome, praises very welcome, donations extremely welcome.  However to err is human, and even though I perceive my brain to be so large I fear that grey matter might ooze out of my ears when I sneeze, there is still a slight, non-zero chance that mistakes could be made.  Rest assured that any mistakes pointed out will be sneakily corrected.  Instead of giving credit to the poster, I find it much easier to shamelessly, I mean accidentally, delete the original offending comment and any evidence.  It’s called taking the higher road and not holding a grudge. I once saw a guy banging his head against the wall repeatedly. EPICFACEDESKI asked him, “Why are you banging your head against the wall?  Doesn’t it hurt?”.  He replied, “Yeah, but it feels good when you stop.” I bet you feel the same reading this blog.  Negative reinforcement is powerful.

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