About the Idiot Who Writes This Stuff

The blogger is a middle aged, overweight, possibly under-evolved member of Homo sapiens.  Raised in both USA and Taiwan and now living in China, he came to the shocking conclusion that, in at least one aspect, there is no difference between cultures: ignorance is universal.

He foolishly fumbles through topics that the sane wouldn’t touch with a six foot pole, offending whomever inadvertently taints their eyes and thoughts with his words. In fact, the writing is so bad it frequently offends himself.  Skeptical but not above being bitter, he writes in a convoluted prose that conveys a weird sense of humor – one that invites the reader to laugh at, rather than laugh with, his writing.

A likely sufferer of anosognosia, he is blissfully unaware of his deficits, although it is unknown in which aspect exactly he is deficient (otherwise it wouldn’t be called anosognosia).  It would be reasonable to suspect maturity, writing in general, and possibly hygiene.

Last but not least, like Bob Dole, he annoyingly refers to self in third person.  In fact, he does it for no other reason than to annoy.  Get over it.

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